hilarious bootleg Scott Pilgrim shirt i found on ebay in 2009 or 2010



happy birthday, scott pilgrim.

here you go….. proof.

It’s supposed to be Hollie holding the cake but I never figured out how to fit in a reverse angle on her. I don’t think we ever see her in this entire book which is annoying to me.

I never specified Kim’s birthday but i think it was supposed to be something like October 16.


It’s weird to see these bits isolated. I’ve never really seen them up close.

This dialogue was in the script for volume 3 of the comics but never made it to the final book. The art for the movie was presumably developed by Oscar Wright, who is a genius — I never drew these scenes, although he may have used other Todd/Ramona flashbacks from the book as a model for these three panels.


i’m sure it has been done before but it was the only thing I could think of when I saw this scene


scott pilgrim returning in full color with remastered art at a new larger trim size in beautiful hardcover editions!

colors by Nathan Fairbairn.

here’s an interview about it